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When We Were Small – Untied

Because we can’t all exude the happiness of an American news anchor day-in, day-out, today’s track is something a little more sombre than usual. Feel free to cry away all those missed opportunities and broken dreams as you listen, I know I did. When We Were Small are an earthy Indie-pop act from the little […]

The Middle Names – Full Friends

As Slumped reaches 100 posts, changes domain and still boasts fewer hits than the ‘Cheeky Girls’, I think it’s time to ask the question; If something is broken, then why bother fixing it? In my mind there can be nothing wrong with the mixture of great music and free downloads, therefore I will continue to […]

Yves Klein Blue – Walk On The Wild Side

I’m going to stick my neck out and say that the now disbanded Yves Klein Blue’s take on this Lou Reed classic is better than the original. Michael Tomlinson’s rich, crisp vocals inject a depth of pain into the track that completely refocuses the David Bowie produced classic. The tormented harmonica coupled with the grainy […]