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Little Comets – Darling Alistair

With last weeks announcement that Little Comets are to perform as part of the Olympic torch replay it’s only fair I remind you all of just how bloody good they are. ‘Darling Alistair’ is a anthemic and emotive track that whines its way through scratchy guitar licks and powerful drum beats straight into that special […]

Matt & Kim – Daylight

Supposedly, summer is nearly upon us and for that reason i have to pick out ‘Daylight’ from my imaginary record collection and place it under the needle of my fictitious gramophone. Bouncy, bassy and energetic, Matt & Kim have a catalogue of feel good songs that will lighten your mood and excite your senses: ‘Daylight’ […]

The Streets – Blinded By The Lights

It may reflect how truly middle class i am that only Cool Runnings, Titanic and Mike Skinner get me all quivery lipped like a single woman watching Bridget Jones, but thems the facts and probably the reason I’ve always been obsessed with this track. ‘Blinded By The Lights’ is an anxiety inducing, bass filled magic […]