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The Stoops – Buried Alive

There is no better way to celebrate Slumped In a Corner’s new look than with a new sound. Recent focus has been on summer tunes and bouncy electro-pop but today is as good a day as any to go a little off piste and flirt with a soulful hip-hop number. Australian collective The Stoops are […]

Lorde – Royals

At the tender age of 17 I was a pretty accomplished individual. I had already managed to figure out how the internet catered for teenage boys. I had already tallied up as many hours stood outside the classroom as I ever did in it. I had discovered that Jim Bean made my head go all […]

Chromeo – When The Night Falls

Today’s track is the first to concentrate on the serious business of Canadian electrofunk. Chromeo are a delicious duo who have probably been shifting boxes of old clothes and consoles into your subconscious for the last few years via FIFA soundtracks and V05 adverts, but it’s time to embrace the invasion. Although David Macklovitch and […]

The Milk – Danger

A little bit of Rock n’ Soul for today’s track of the day just to pull you through the remaining hours of your back to work Mondays (although as circumstances usually dictate, this is technically yesterday’s song). The Milk have been on many a radar for many a month and with EP’s and singles drifting […]

Fly Moon Royalty – The Birthday Song

A switch up for today’s track; firstly, it’s actually on time for a change and secondly it comes from the ‘alternative hip-hop neo-soul’ genre, which I guess makes it my favourite alternative hip-hop neo-soul song ever? Fly Moon Royalty are a Seattle-based duo consisting of DJ Action Jackson and vocalist Miss Adraboo, and the good […]

Chet Faker – I’m Into You

Australian Chet Faker has one of those dirty, nasty, smokey tones that will force you to grimace your face and nod your head like a never ending Vince Kidd impression. The track ‘I’m Into You’ taken from his recently released EP ‘Thinking In Textures’ personifies his lazy soulful approach and meandering verses, forcing me to […]