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Missing Andy – Police Man

Sometimes reality television gives us more than the usual montage of acts highlighting why you shouldn’t drink during pregnancy. Sometimes it pans away from ageing popstars and middle-aged perverts giving advice in cliche-sized chunks. Sometimes it manages to avoid being what appears to be the world’s most depressing beauty pageant. And sometimes, just sometimes, it […]

Itch – Spooky Kids

Music was dealt a cruel blow earlier in the year when The King Blues announced their dispansion after nearly a decade of brilliance. Leaving behind a collection of spine-tingling tunes, including ‘I Got Love’, ‘Headbutt’ and ‘Underneath This Lampost Light’, The King Blues’ decision left their fanbase dejected, no doubt expecting fragments of the band […]

Benny & The Dukes – Rendez Vous

Much like men, some tracks are showers and some are growers and as nice as big showy songs are, sometimes its nice to be surprised by realising something is better than expected. The first time I listened to ‘Rendez Vous’ by Australians Benny & The Dukes a couple of weeks ago, I thought as melodic […]