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Missing Andy – Police Man

Sometimes reality television gives us more than the usual montage of acts highlighting why you shouldn’t drink during pregnancy. Sometimes it pans away from ageing popstars and middle-aged perverts giving advice in cliche-sized chunks. Sometimes it manages to avoid being what appears to be the world’s most depressing beauty pageant. And sometimes, just sometimes, it […]

Slumped Mix Tape One – Free Download

I have finally reached the end of my first month as Slumped commissioner (took a while to settle upon that title) and in celebration I have crammed all the legal downloads featured this month and a few more proverbial cherries tossed upon the imaginary cake of happiness. Hopefully a few of you will take the […]

Cris Cab – Gypsys on the Boulevard

So the summer is firmly upon us here in jolly old England, and as we all know that means both self-pitying indie and melancholy rock take a break from playlist duties to be replaced by funky feel good pop and heat stroke inducing reggae tunes. A song that sits in the latter category and is […]

Matisyahu – Sunshine

The theme of summer remains in today’s track of the day, more through wishful thinking than anything else, with Matisyahu’s latest single ‘Sunshine’. Probably the world’s greatest Orthodox Jew reggae fusion artist, Matisyahu has enjoyed mainstream success in both America and mainland Europe, but little is known of the ironically unorthodox artist in the UK. […]

The Acceptable Face Of Reality Television?

So, ‘The Voice’ has thrown its hat into the proverbial ring of reality powerhouses and appears intent on removing the shallow attitude and comic spin seen on similar shows, but is this really the first time we have seen true, relevant talent come through such competitions? I take a look at some previous contestants that […]