Pinch Hitter – Nine to Fine

Pinch Hitter is an amalgamation of two nomadic Sydneysiders whose love for music has seen their influence take various forms over the years.

Having finally taken breaks from their respective musical commitments, former ‘Animal Shapes’ drummer Nick Van Breda and ‘Milhouse’ bassist Dave Drayton delivered their much discussed collaborative project in March 2013 under the aforementioned moniker.  The remainder of the year was spent peddling their début three-track demo through support slots and intimate gigs, helping the duo refine the songs whilst entertaining the masses. 2014 is looking just as exciting for ‘Pinch Hitter’ with a full-length release on the cards and the remastered version of ‘Nine to Fine’ already receiving lots of positive attention.

The track itself is a banjo-based folky-pop number with a peaceful sparsity and sugary after-taste. A masterful intro complete with xylophone samples and hardcore plucking guides you into the reflective chorus which masks its emotional density with its light delivery. The relatively simple nature of the songs structure complements Nick Van Breda’s crisp delivery without tying it up with convoluted verse. The complexity is there, but maintained by the dexterity in the banjo and lyrical sensitivity rather than a busy architecture. Above all else ‘Nine to Fine’ is just a really loveable listen, it has a warm and fluffy crust with a considered and slightly sombre centre so it caters to both those who like their disposable pop and those who are looking for a little more substance

Pinch Hitter Bandcamp ‘name your price’ link.

Triple J Unearthed free download link

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