White With One – Clinical Precision

With the nights drawing in and the weather getting progressively worse I think it’s time we make a conscious decision to listen to some uplifting music in an attempt to cover the winter blues in tinsel and call it festive.

If you shut your eyes and imagine ‘Of Monsters and Men’ being fronted by German songstress ‘Lena’ during a powercut, then you have ‘White With One’ – a Sydney six-piece whose fragile brand of twinkling Indie-pop has been soaring up the unsigned charts Down Under. The Aussie outfit released their debut offering ‘Hello Sir!’ on the 9th and the eclectic five track EP is well worth picking up. Although impressive throughout,  ‘Clinical Precision’ is instantly digestible and will provide you with an prompt injection of audial warmth.

The track is an uplifting number led by majestic female harmonies and supported by twinkling keys, bouncing ukuleles and organic percussion. A slow but endearing introduction is soon met with breakneck vocals and contagious chorus which is thoughtfully interspersed with slower verses. The balance of the track is faultless and the quality of the chorus lays a solid foundation for the construction around it. The composition is understated yet encapsulates the song’s sentiment wonderfully. Having listened to their EP a number of times before this review, I can confirm that ‘Clinical Precision’ is certainly no one off, which hopefully means we will be hearing an awful lot more from ‘White With One’ in the coming months.

Clinical Precision Triple J download link.

One comment

  1. Greg Smyth · · Reply

    Wow! This track is so wonderful! Perfect for enjoying my cup of tea near the fire.

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