We’re Not Alone – Louis London

‘Louis London’ are certainly a favourite here at Slumped because not only do they produce exceptional music, but they are also genuinely lovely blokes.

Having initially covered their single ‘Hardly Hear You’ at the end of last year, front-man Ed Saloman was nice enough to give Slumped his time to discuss the Australian music scene and his aspirations for the future. Nearly a year later and the band have been extremely busy; providing us with the sublime ‘This Night Time’, having their second EP successfully crowd-funded and just last week releasing their new single, and today’s featured track, ‘We’re Not Alone’.

What’s not to love about toe-tapping, melodic Indie with a chorus catchier than a baseball glove? ‘We’re Not Alone’ focuses on everything great about the genre and everything great about the band. Staggered back beats, pulsating riffs and a mixture of clean indie vocals and, on the odd occasion, angelic harmonies means that ‘Louis London’ snuggle up and spoon with bands like ‘Little Comets’ and ‘The Killers’ in your Indie go-to list. With their sound constantly evolving and improving surely it won’t be too long until London are no longer underground.

Triple J Download Link.

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