Pro Vita – Bent

Having already touched on the wonderful world of Australian surf-pop via March’s ‘Dune Rats’ review, today we delve a little deeper and paddle out into the waters of Queensland outfit ‘Pro Vita’.

The ‘self managed and home recorded’ Indie foursome may be a little rough around the edges but like a greasy kebab or ripped jeans it is their imperfection that’s entrancing. Having enjoyed both airplay and prestigious under-card spots this year, ‘Pro Vita’ are taking huge strides towards the forefront of their genre and if their latest release ‘Bent’ is anything to go by then they’ll soon be gaining mainstream exposure.

Although leaning slightly towards the heavier end of the surf-pop spectrum with its punk-pop influences, ‘Bent’ delivers a cocktail of scratchy guitars, raw vocals and hazy harmonies to form a fantastic embodiment of the entire genre.

The track doesn’t let up from the off and a mixture of heavy instrumentals and elongated verse means you can’t come up for breath throughout the punishing three and a half minutes. Such enthusiam exists throughout, partially through the passionate delivery and thrashing drums that combine to take you back to the grunge and garage-rock revivals of the 90s. Luckily for the band their talent matches their intensity and the song is well balanced, well written and continually captivating.

‘Pro Vita’s’ constant progression will make for an exciting 2014 with many fans hoping for a full-length release, Slumped included.

Free Download link.

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