Jordan Butler – Bear Markets and Bull

About 7 months ago, back when I was broke and unemployed, Jordan Butler delivered an irrisistable mix of poetry and hip-hop in the form of ‘Makeshift Knives’. Fastforward to a time of afleuence and positivity, where, incredibly,  I have no employer and no cash, and Butler has unloaded another round of vocal ammunition in our direction.

Jordan Butler is a British-born Australian wordsmith, based in Perth. His sound is reminiscent of Guante or Matt Abbott and places him firmly in the unusual bracket of half poet, half rapper. After releasing a rousing mixtape in 2012 and then the aforementioned ‘Makeshift Knives’ a few months later Butler is back with the title track of his upcoming EP ‘Bear Markets and Bull’ which showcases a more refined and focussed talent.

A track that combines a heartfelt acoustic sample with simplistic strings, unassuming chords and bars tighter than spandex, it is no surpise that ‘Bear Market and Bull’ has proven so popular amongst the Australian unsigned scene. Butler’s storytelling has always been his strongest asset and that’s no different in this case, his crisp tone ensures his eloquent and considerate lines all hit their mark. With his delivery, wordplay and musicality all on point, the ‘Bear Markets and Bull EP’ is a very exciting prospect for fans of Australian hip-hop, hopefully it will be upon us sooner rather than later.


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