Timothy James Bowen – The Beggar

Slightly different to my usual electro/pop stuff, today’s track is a bluesy-folk number from the very talented Timothy James Bowen.

An Australian that is both easy on the eyes and the ears, Timothy James Bowen has recently been riding high in the Triple J roots charts and for good reason. His brand of earthy folk music is both rich and honest, keeping the listener engaged throughout. If you check his soundcloud and Triple J Unearthed profile there are quite a few tracks floating about, one of which is the marvellous ‘The Beggar’.

With a layered start and seductive verse ‘The Beggar’ is captivating from the very beggining. Bowen’s smoky vocals and fluid delivery contrast the tickling guitar and lively drums to create a rousing track that is well measured and controlled throughout. Instrumental breaks and tempo changes are well placed in the construction and ensure the track’s stability. A timeless sound that is supported by an infectious chorus, ‘The Beggar’ has all the attributes to prove popular to the fans of the folk-revival scene.

Download it for free here.

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