When We Were Small – Untied

Because we can’t all exude the happiness of an American news anchor day-in, day-out, today’s track is something a little more sombre than usual. Feel free to cry away all those missed opportunities and broken dreams as you listen, I know I did.

When We Were Small are an earthy Indie-pop act from the little known island of Australia. The four-piece’s first foray into music came over a year ago with the band emanating a Strokes/Hot Hot Heat vibe with a jazzy twang. Since then When We Were Small have sanded the corners and trimmed the fat, returning with a mature and cultured sound reminiscent of the sadly extinct Yves Klein Blue. Their new track ‘Untied’ is head and shoulders above their previous work and hopefully captures a new sound and approach that they will remain loyal to.

The track itself lumbers into life with staggering drums and crooning vocals with Troy Sheehan’s tone perfectly matching the mesmeric laziness of the backdrop which remains throughout. Thankfully the rousing construction leaves a lot of room for Sheehan and his talents whilst remaining integral to the effortless swagger of ‘Untied’. A beautifully subdued song with a punchy chorus, there is very little not to like about this band and with a jewel in the crown like Sheehan, there is no limit to how big a fan base they can create. I definitely think When We Were Small have the ability and talent to fill that Yves Klein Blue shaped hole in lots of our hearts and ‘Untied’ is a four minute résumé of how engaging and impressive they can be.

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