AOSOON – Under

If you, like me, have been looking to relive those teenage years spent crying to Snow Patrol and watching Notting Hill, look no further, we have a saviour.

AOSOON or ‘A Lot Of Something Out Of Nothing’ is the stage name of the obscenely talented Marisa Hylton and Manny Folorunso – a London duo who’s track ‘Under’ has seduced the blogosphere with an addictive brand of euphoric, acoustic indie. Although tough to categorize, AOSOON’s sound on ‘Under’ is probably best described as an urban ‘Daughter’ – soft, haunting, story-telling with a slightly stronger pulse. That said, their tracks do vary in tempo and genre, with others swaying towards a purer folky tone or even a electro-influenced R&B vibe. Their new EP ‘What Is This About? is strong throughout and shows their impressive diversity, however ‘Under’ is certainly top of the class and manages to capture a sound that really hits the mark.

‘Under’ is a track built delicately on a wonderful foundation of twinkling guitars and powerful piano. Hylton’s serene vocals and emotive lyrics enhance the feeling of fragility throughout the single, which in turn works with the profound themes. Like a silent assassin, ‘Under’ gently lulls you into that reflective, philosophical mood which is automatically a sign of the tracks’ power. It never wavers in its tempo or loses character in terms to it’s approach, it remains poignant and beautifully strong , leaving you completely satisfied with the experience. If AOSOON can cobble together an entire album of tracks with such a spine-tingling affect they could well become Britain’s next big musical export.


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