The Middle Names – Full Friends

As Slumped reaches 100 posts, changes domain and still boasts fewer hits than the ‘Cheeky Girls’, I think it’s time to ask the question; If something is broken, then why bother fixing it?

In my mind there can be nothing wrong with the mixture of great music and free downloads, therefore I will continue to plug away, spreading the music I enjoy. Well, at least until someone pays me to do something else.

Today’s track comes from another featured band on the Triple J Unearthed site. ‘The Middle Names’ exude a Brit-pop swagger with a hint of ‘Yves Klein Blue’, providing a light, poppy, summery sound, perfect for the current heatwave. ‘Full Friends’ is lifted from their recently completed debut album, and the Tasmanian five-piece have struck gold with the slick and energetic number.

Front-man Ben Wells’ strong indie tones inject the optimistic lyrics with honesty and passion, leading to a uplifting, carefree feel. A catchy chorus and jaunty backdrop help support the oscillating guitars and garage-rock influences to result in a joyous blend of rock and pop. The track’s heartfelt narrative is enhanced by a ascending construction which guides the listener from its likeable introduction through to a relentless conclusion without unwelcome obstacles. ‘The Middle Names’ clearly understand the power of storytelling and the importance of a delicate arrangement and one can only imagine that ‘Full Friends’ is the starting point for a long and ultimately successful period in the band’s life-cycle. Bring on the album.

Triple J Unearthed download link.

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