Boxed Wine – Cannibal

After remaining seemingly unemployable, I thought it best to reignite SIAC in an attempt to remember how to form words, type letters and speak English.

I felt it was time to reward all five of you with some new music and what better way to mark Slumped’s new lease of life than with a passionate, punchy, pop number.

Boxed Wine are an American “party-pop” four-piece from the East Coast who provide listeners with energetic, melodic pop which you can file somewhere in-between Pheonix and Group Love (Unless you do this kind of thing alphabetically). May saw the release of ‘Cheap Fun’, a light and joyous album packed with sugary, dance-inducing indie-pop tracks. Although chock-a-block with potentially name-making singles like ‘Into the Night’ and ‘First Time’, ‘Cannibal is the track that wrestles the limelight away from the rest of the pack.

Perfect for a summery, cider-fuelled BBQ dance-off, ‘Cannibal’ bounces along with a mix of fuzzy guitars, catchy lyrics and stuttering beats, one of those light yet elegant indie-pop tracks. Despite the name there is nothing cheap about Boxed Wine’s approach; the production is tight, the vocals are strong and the music uncluttered. ‘Cannibal’ represents a band that aren’t flooding their work with a plethora of musical elements, a shining example of how indie-pop can be hypnotic without a wave of electro beats and vocal effects.

There is certainly more to come from Boxed Wine, and I for one, can’t wait to hear it.

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