Slumped Mix Tape Three – Free Download

I know that near enough two weeks without an entry is close to unforgivable, so I shall do the best I can to redeem myself. Although it only seems like yesterday since SIAC2, May has been full to the brim with exciting and, more importantly, free music. To celebrate such a fine month, allow me to introduce Slumped in a Corner Three.

1. Stay – Tully On Tully

Melbourne indie-pop five-piece Tully On Tully deliver an uplifting and light pop track. Male and female vocals, rousing drums and a delicate backdrop. Delightful.

2. Made in China – Antonio Paul

From the duo that brought you ‘City Dreams’ comes another electro inspired indie toe-tapper. So addictive and sugary that it will rot your gums.

3. City Kids – OCD

What do you get when you combine alternative hip-hop and Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’?

4. Paris – Magic Man

March 7th Track of the Day.

5. Superman – Coin & Ta-ku (Feat Mei Swann)

Oz hip-hop superheroes Coin & Ta-ku deliver a swaggering track with smooth pop sample. It will not budge from my brain.

6. Television – You Won’t

March 4th Track of the Day

7. Peter Rabbit – Needing Cherie

March 20th Track of the Day

8. This High – OCD

Another anthemic track from Moosh and Twist’s new mix tape ‘Back to the Basement’. Perfect gym track, will get your adrenaline pumping.

9. Sweet Wine – Antonio Paul

The second in a hattrick of Antonio Paul numbers. Slightly more frantic than the others, a more raw, unpolished sound. Not a bad thing.

10. Pogo – Dune Rats

Rowdy, carefree surf-pop. Much needed musical ammunition as we head towards the summer months. Dreamy, swirly and so very pretty.

11. Somebody Loves You – Betty Who

Sexy, glittery glam-pop.  So much to like about this Aussie songstress. Full on guilty pleasure.

12. Bus Song – Brother Fox

More Australian roots music from the same mould as John Butler Trio. Chilled, thoughtful and delicately delivered.

13. City Dreams – Antonio Paul

March 13th Track of the Day.

14. Top of the World – OCD

March 15th Track of the Day.

15. The Anchor – Pierce Brothers

March 11th Track of the Day.

Right, that should have you all covered for long enough. Hopefully the next few days will see me return to more regular updates.


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