Needing Cherie – Peter Rabbit

It’s been exactly a week since your last injection of Australian poppy goodness and I’m not cruel enough to make you wait any longer.

Next month will see Dunsborough-based folky five-piece Needing Cherie release their second EP. In anticipation the former Western Australian Music Song of the Year winners showcased the track ‘Peter Rabbit’ through Triple J’s Unearthed station. After submission the track quickly rose through both the indie and overall charts and is, at this moment in time, sitting atop of the indie category.

The pop number begins with a gentle folk intro, remaining light and dreamy until the first chorus explodes through the song structure about a minute in, decimating the folky cool and scattering pop shrapnel everywhere. Any great track is reliant on a fantastic chorus and that’s what sets ‘Peter Rabbit’ apart from most album fillers, or in this case, EP fillers. Brayden Sibbald’s warbling vocals are refreshingly unique, there is a meaningful depth to his tone, the quality of which is usually showcased without such an eclectic mix of violins, guitars and drums. Composition wise, the peaks and troughs of easy-listening folk and infectious pop help highlight both elements and keep the song fresh even after abusing the repeat button. Hopefully the amalgamation of genre featured in ‘Peter Rabbit’ continues throughout their upcoming release, if it does, then you can expect to hear a lot more about Needing Cherie.

[Free download link]

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