OCD: Moosh and Twist – Top of the World

Philadelphia duo Moosh and Twist, or ‘OCD’ as they are collectively known, are childhood friends-come hip-hop superstars in waiting. Their mixtapes have been turning heads and pricking ears for the last couple of years and this week saw their latest effort ‘Back to the Basement’ released via DatPiff. Much like their previous releases, OCD have managed to showcase their refreshing brand of clean, indie hip-hop and although the mixtape is flooded with hits, I had to choose one, so today’s track of the day is the catchy ‘Top of the World’.

A beautiful balance of acoustic pop choruses and tight, child-friendly bars make ‘Top of the World’ one of those rare hip-hop numbers that transcends genres. Pattering drums and piano chords lay the foundation for both light vocal stages and motivational verse. The duo concentrate on a rags to riches tale, one centred on happiness and self-fulfilment. Refreshingly distant from the all-too familiar glorification of gangs and violence, ‘Top of the World’ is a feel-good number that will fit perfectly on your growing summer playlist. Faultless production and fantastic construction highlight why OCD are so highly regarded in hip-hop circles. With their growing reputation and incredible consistency, it is surely only a matter of time until OCD break into the very highest echelons of a thriving American hip-hop scene. Expect a big 2013.

‘Back to the Basement’ download link


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