The Pierce Brothers – The Anchor

Another Monday morning means another relaxing track to help those of you who face a long week ahead.

Siblings Jack and Patrick a.k.a The Pierce Brothers, are an Australian indie-folk duo who are set to release their new EP ‘Blind Boys Run’ next week. The Melbourne-based outfit are hot property in regards to the Australian roots scene, currently riding high in the corresponding Unearthed chart. One track to receive particular attention in recent weeks is today’s Track of the Day ‘The Anchor’.

Gentle and thoughtful, ‘The Anchor’ is a simple yet passionate track that highlights the appealing nature of the folk genre. The track is a tale of missed opportunities and emotional struggle, the lyrics and subsequent harmonies are honest and hearty, making the focus easy to empathise with. With the production stripped to the bare bones of gentle guitar and light percussion, The Pierce Brothers retain a genuineness and validity that many more popular acts in the flourishing scene tend to lose through overproduction and self-indulgence. As with much modern folk, ‘The Anchor’ has the ability to make for both a reflective sombre listen due to the tracks content, and a more positive, buoyant interpretation through the bouncing guitars and jangling backdrop. Like many others, Slumped is very much looking forward to next week’s release, but for now just enjoy associating yourself with The Pierce Brothers. Free download below.

“The Anchor” Free Download.

Photography: Jeremy Dixon


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