Dune Rats – Red Light, Green Light

It’s been a long time coming but today’s track is the first mention of garage rock or surf rock that there has ever been on Slumped. I’m usually one of those music fans that finds the garage-rock genre quite abrasive but that can’t be said for Dune Rats’ marvellous ‘Red Light, Green Light’.

The Brisbane duo have a reputation for encapsulating the ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’ persona, using the energy they exude touring and performing as the basis for their accessible brand of indie surf rock. Their sound has a recklessness about it, an amateur feel, one that allows the listener to connect with the artist, sharing their experiences and their music that just isn’t possible when it comes to the world’s biggest names. Having earned some success with Triple J Unearthed and recently toured the US, Dune Rats are definitely a band on the up and with their new EP ‘Smile’ on the horizon, it’s as good a time as any to get yourself acquainted.

‘Red Light, Green Light’ is just under two minutes worth of summery, feel-good surf-rock. A little more pop orientated than much of their work, the track is a beautifully simplistic, a loveable number not tangled with instruments and overindulgent verse. A bit like a perverse The Drums reincarnation, their sound is captivating and fun, evoking balmy nights and blue skies. Danny Beusa and BC Michaels are two genuinely likeable lads who make honest and enjoyable music, if they stick with their effortless sound it’s easy to see them climbing the mainstream ladder in the not too distant future.

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