Magic Man – Paris

Quite a decent percentage of tracks featured on Slumped are synth filled, electro-influenced indie pop numbers. With that in mind and taking on board the old adage of ‘too much of a good thing’, for today’s track I present you with Magic Man’s ‘Paris’.

“Paris” is really a pop track with an indie sound, complete with electro influences and ……. well, synths. The free download is the latest number from Providence-based and self-titled ‘triumphant synth rock band’ Magic Man, who enjoy combining rousing tones with enchanting vocals. Having once performed as two college students behind a laptop, the band have evolved, along with their sound, and are now an eclectic five-piece.

The track itself sees Magic Man return in a slightly different form to previous releases, having formerly flirted with more electronic beats and 8-bit sounds. The dreamy, bubbling number is one of those releases that somehow manages to be elegantly delicate in parts whilst brutally anthemic in others. The combination of tickling keys and trudging organs ensures that the roller-coaster elements contrast one another perfectly resulting in peaceful lulls and stomping highs. Alex Caplow’s vocals are soft and accessible, his eerie tone gives a legitimacy to the more emotive parts of the track whilst swelling to join the louder beats in the dazzling chorus. The subtleties of Magic Man are what distinguish their well constructed, thoughtful approach from other synth-pop bands and if rumour has it, we should be enjoying a full album of it in the not too distant future.

Free Download above.

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