The Colourist – Little Games

After spending the entirety of last night on a fruitless search for today’s track of the day, this morning it rose, like the proverbial phoenix, from the depth of my Soundcloud feed and into my heart.

Some of you may remember Californian four-piece The Colourist from last year’s delightful ‘Wishing Wells‘. If you do, and your hoping for a repeat performance of mellow tones and gentle verse, you’re out of luck. The band are back with a new sound, a new energy and a new track ‘Little Games’.

The best way of explaining ‘Little Games’ to a new listener would be to imagine a house party where Jens Lekman, Matt & Kim and 90’s pop supremos Wilson Phillips are genuinely off their tits on LSD. The resultant combination is energetic, euphoric and awfully seductive. The track is an indie-pop toe-tapper, combining feel-good riffs with immaculate harmonies resulting in a sure-fire indie success complete with a dream-pop haze. ‘Little Games’ remains excitable throughout and Adam Castillo’s vocals carry the tale of relationship woe brilliantly from start to finish. I know I’m one of many who can’t wait to hear an entire album of The Colourist’s brand of elegant pop, let’s just hope we are not waiting too long.


  1. loooove this

    1. I know, it’s a great review. Song isn’t bad either though.

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