The Stoops – Buried Alive

There is no better way to celebrate Slumped In a Corner’s new look than with a new sound. Recent focus has been on summer tunes and bouncy electro-pop but today is as good a day as any to go a little off piste and flirt with a soulful hip-hop number.

Australian collective The Stoops are one of those acts who haven’t had the simplest journey to the fringes of mainstream music. Having dabbled with a number of sounds, from 8-bit to electro, the hip-hop trio have refined and reinvented their approach throughout the years, their music maturing with their members. Their latest reincarnation as an eclectic hip-hop collective, featuring soul and folk influences with a vintage vibe shows how far they have come from their early releases. The single ‘Buried Alive’ featuring Tim Crick is a fantastic embodiment of their fresh sound.

The track itself is a beautiful blend of carefree soul and tight bars. Tim Crick carries the intro and then supports the verses of Roc and Pronto with his smoky vocals, rich in tone and emotion. Crick’s sample stutters and stammers its way throughout ‘Buried Alive’ winding itself around the solid hip-hop foundation without interfering with its impact. The bars support the ideology of the sample, making the claustrophobic subject matter more accessible through the lyrics. Well balanced and well produced throughout, ‘Buried Alive’ is the complete package and represents an act that have found their sound and found their focus. Expect to hear more from The Stoops.

Free download link …. I spoil you.

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