You Won’t – Television

I think it’s fair to say that sometimes I’m pretty slow on the uptake when it comes to great tracks. However, when I feel like the majority of readers are unlikely to have heard it, I’m happy to turn the clock back and share the love.

Today’s track ‘Television’ by You Won’t was originally released this time last year, featuring on their only album to date ‘Skeptic Goodbye’. The Massachusetts-based folk-rock duo are yet to produce a follow-up album but continue to tour with big names in the evolving indie-folk movement. Their recent tour with Lumineers highlights both the popularity of the genre and the progression of You Won’t. ‘Television’ encapsulates their thoughtful, gentle brand of folk-rock and is as good a starting point as any.

As we all know, you can’t beat a good hand-clap, and with ‘Television’, we are flooded with the little buggers from the off. The heart warming, gospel-esque element engulfs the track in a warm and loving glow, a glow only brightened by the hearty tones of singer Josh Arnoudse. The single covers the circular nature of life and culture, a quite sombre package delivered in a beautiful acoustic bow. Serving as a metaphor for the subject, the structure continues on a circular path without the usual peaks and troughs. The simplicity of You Won’t brings focus to their lyrics and their delicate approach, they’re not another ten-a-penny pop act with mindless lyrics and a tambourine, their songs are thought provoking and rich in emotion. For the sake of the genre let’s hope You Won’t are swept up in the cloud of enthusiasm surrounding folk at the moment.

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