Slumped Mix Tape Two – Free Download

It’s been a long time coming (11 months to be precise) but today marks the momentous occasion of SIAC’s second mix tape. Basically a compilation of tracks from the past month or so which can be legally downloaded from various sources, all tidied up into one nice little bundle. Let’s all hope that these tracks remain free for the foreseeable future and don’t see me surrounded by dropped soap in the coming months. The track listing is as follows:

1. Disney Films – Mausi

2. Royals – Lorde

3. Makeshift Knifes – Jordan Butler

4. Light Years – Poindexter

5. Walk In The Rain – Hailey Calvert

6. Million Dollar Bills – Lorde

7. Janitor – Young Maverick

8. Machines In Love – Ben Munson

9. Close Enough – Ghost Beach

10. Cabin Fever – Pear Shaped

11. The Love Club – Lorde

12. Doo-Wah – Kids These Days

13. No Angels – Bastille

14. Helpless – Poindexter

Enjoy… [Download link]

Slumped In A Corner One can be found here.

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