Mausi – Move

After spending quite some time focussing on Australian shores, today we finally move back to the UK and collapse exhausted into the warm arms of Newcastle-based quartet ‘Mausi’. Having gained much attention through their song ‘Sol’ last year, Mausi were on many people’s look-out lists for 2013 and with their new track ‘Move’, they are living up to the hype.

The quite brilliant single manages to combine harmony-led electro-pop with considered elements of dance and trance. Energetic throughout, ‘Move’ is bouncy and catchy whilst avoiding the tag of shallow pop drudgery. Daisy Finetto provides the rich and exotic lead vocals, complete with Italian twang, giving the band that euro-pop edge of Indie giants Phoenix or the mercurial Sebastien Tellier. The song construction is so intricate the track is never in danger of feeling repetitive or overly sugary with layered beats and synths, fades and drops that will provide you with a new emotion after every listen. The lyrics are as upbeat and excitable as the track itself, providing an airy icing to a complex and rich musical cake. As far as electro-pop goes, ‘Move’ is the complete package and I for one genuinely can’t wait to hear what the Geordie-Milansese concoction come up with next.

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