Pez – The Game

It’s hard to believe that it has been over four years since we saw Pez release his masterful ‘A Mind of My Own’ back in 2008. Since then he has faced problems with his health, formed his own record company and been confronted with the notoriously difficult prospect of creating a second album. 2013 will see the culmination of four years hard work and the release of his second LP and from what we’ve heard so far, it will be another cracker.

After a handful of feature slots working with different artists, Pez finally unleashed the first track from his upcoming album late last year. Thankfully for his fans, ‘The Game’ was worth the wait and marked an incredible return to form from one of Australia’s finest hip-hop artists. Pez’s blend of summery backdrops and upbeat bars are unmistakeable. The dreamy sample and lumbering beats combine to ensure that the clock is turned back and Pez returns to the top of your summer tunes list. As always his bars are tight and his lyrics are easy to empathise with, his tale of consumerism and greed is translated for the layman via refined verses and an unforgettable chorus reminiscent of Nelly’s ‘Must Be The Money’, well it is to me anyway! ‘The Game’ encapsulates all that is great about Pez’s approach to music, he manages to create a thoughtful social commentary but wrap it up in a lovely sugary summer coating.

Yesterday saw the track joined by this pretty tasty little video, enjoy.

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