Hailey Calvert – Walk In The Rain

It has dawned on me recently that Slumped tends to focus on the artistry of male singers and producers. There has been the odd post on Icona Pop or Loreen, but in the main I come across like a blogger who purposely ignores the talent of the female population. So for today’s track, I have decided to buck my own trend.

Hailey Calvert is a folky singer/songwriter from the Queensland region of Australia. Brought up on a diet of soulful acts including Eric Clapton and Sting, Calvert’s style is earthy and mature, with her subject base also reminiscent of her inspirations. Tales of love and dedication litter her work, and the empathy she expresses in her songwriting, twinned with the depth in her tone make for a moving listening experience. To celebrate the recent release of her new album ‘Geography’, I thought it best to introduce you to this prestigious talent through my personal favourite ‘Walk In The Rain’.

From start to finish ‘Walk In The Rain’ is gentle and seductive. Hailey Calvert’s rich vocals and simplistic song construction combine to tick all the boxes you’d want ticked in regards to a sensitive folk-pop song. The verses are thoughtful and melodic, the chorus is touching and likeable and the musicality is soulful with more than a twang of blues. The plot of ‘Walk In The Rain’ is as romantic as her sound and the accomplished nature of her music clearly reflects somebody who has been tuning her approach from a young age. Hailey Calvert is a class act, an artist whose album you will become obsessed with, whose releases you will eagerly anticipate and whose music will mature as she does. Enjoy.

Free download.

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