Young Maverick – Janitor

Mondays are tough for everyone. For the employed it’s an early morning, a long week ahead and a return to the daily grind. For the unemployed, it’s a reminder of how useless you are, a few hours of truly painful midday television and another day spent fixated on job vacancies that you either a. don’t want or b. will never get. Luckily for you, I’m here to brighten your misery with some bouncy, spirited summery pop.

Anyone who follows Slumped will know of my penchant for Australian indie pop. I think my love of the genre may stem from my belief that, unlike the British and US bands, it’s actually pretty easy to accept that they are enjoying the life their music reflects. Bands like Young Maverick don’t have to put up with a rainy Hackney high-street or a summer packed with storms and floods. The Melbourne four-piece can write upbeat, bouncy songs about palm trees with honesty and positivity, which as sickening as it may be, brings some sincerity to their enjoyable ‘holiday pop’ brand. For those that still wish to hear from them, today’s track ‘Janitor’ is the bands follow up single to last years EP release and is good enough for your jealousy and envy to almost completely subside.

‘Janitor’ is an energetic and joyous track from the very beginning. The jangling guitars and bouncy beat let you know what genre you have stumbled into very early on and create an uncomplicated canvas for Robbie Keith’s poppy vocals. However, any likeable indie-pop songs is only as strong as its chorus and Young Maverick keep you in suspense with harmonies and light verses for quite a while before unleashing it. Very much the jewel in ‘Janitor’s’ crown, or mop in its bucket, the chorus is a blend of strutting beats and funky licks that won’t leave you for some time, one of those rare song elements that has you scanning for the repeat function. Luckily the element returns to our ears a good few times before the songs completion and with it comes a balance and construction that ties the verses and aforementioned intro together in a neat little pop song bow. If this is a sign of slight directional change from Young Maverick, an intake of helium to lighten their approach, then we are in for an infectious 2013.

Download the track for free from the player above.

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