Ghost Beach feat. Noosa – Close Enough

There will always be a special place in my heart for Ghost Beach. Back in May of last year I had just embarked on this whole ‘blogging’ malarkey and ‘Miracle’ by Ghost Beach was one of my first posts. I had no idea where I was going with Slumped and how I was going to get any more than the 5 views my mum had racked up but Ghost Beach, unbeknownst to them, really gave me some direction and hope that I could go somewhere with it. They were lovely enough to retweet my review to the handful of fans they had at the time and my views flew up to about 12 that night. 12 glorious hits. Luckily they’re as talented as they are kind and so it’s very easy for me to keep switched on to what they are doing and how well they’re doing it, and with their latest track they are doing it pretty bloody brilliantly.

‘Close Enough’ won’t disappoint the ever expanding Ghost Beach fanbase, the track is filled with the New Yorkers’ signature blend of electronic beats, massive drops and swirling synths. As per usual the mix of elements are delicate and well balanced, highlighting Ghost Beach as one of the more intricate artists in the Electro-pop genre. An extra ingredient is added to the usual recipe with the addition of Noosa, a pop songstress, whose gentle and harmonious vocals are used to create a contrast with the heavy electronic influences, causing both elements to flourish in the company of one another. From the winding intro and addictive drop to the catchy chorus, ‘Close Enough’ is a mesmeric single that should see Ghost Beach travel from the blogosphere into the mainstream conscious.

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