The 1975 – Chocolate

As indie music spreads ,plague-like, throughout the world spreading it’s tales of depressive sexual experiences and self-esteem issues, there is no doubt that there is one location that continues to set the standard for the entire genre. The north of England has a seemingly endless production line of great indie-pop; The Arctic Monkeys, The Little Comets, Pulp, Blur, Little Man Tate …. we would be here all day if I carried on, but the latest band looking to join such illustrious names at the forefront of British indie are the mesmeric 1975.

Having both set the blogosphere alight and gained mainstream radio play, the Mancunian four-piece could soon be battling out with Alt-J for the title of British music’s next big thing. Their slightly unhinged blend of punk-pop influences, swirling backdrops and electronica makes for a quite a confused identity, with their EP’s sounding more like compilations than coherent releases. That said, all of their multiple personalities work. Their back catalogue proves that The 1975 could dominate a number of different sub-genre if they wish. Personally I feel their Pièce de résistance is their brand of upbeat indie-pop, personified by the track ‘Chocolate’, taken from their upcoming EP ‘Music For Cars’.

The most endearing element of ‘Chocolate’ is apparent from the off, Matthew Healy’s squawking vocals contrast beautifully with the meticulous beat, giving the track a rawness and a likeability. The tickling guitars are reminiscent of The Little Comets and Healy’s tone not dissimilar to The Kooks’ frontman Luke Pritchard but The 1975 deserve more than comparison after comparison, and their blend of indie elements in ‘Chocolate’ is as good as any.  Unlike much of their work, ‘Chocolate’ is energetic and simplistic, but having said that the track remains catchy rather than repetitive, in part due to Healy’s inclement vocals. Sadly for fans of the song, but not for fans of the band, there is no guarantee we will see The 1975 in their pop guise ever again but let’s hope they keep switching things up and by 2014 I might be blogging about their first experimental jazz release.



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