Missing Andy – Police Man

Sometimes reality television gives us more than the usual montage of acts highlighting why you shouldn’t drink during pregnancy. Sometimes it pans away from ageing popstars and middle-aged perverts giving advice in cliche-sized chunks. Sometimes it manages to avoid being what appears to be the world’s most depressing beauty pageant. And sometimes, just sometimes, it manages to bring to our attention an act or an artist that produce fantastic, original music.

Missing Andy were brought to the attention of the British public via the Sky1 reality show ‘Must Be The Music’ in 2010. The band managed to impress both viewers and judges with their energetic brand of ska-influenced indie-pop and even enjoyed a couple of brief spells in the UK Singles Chart, managing two top 40 hits. The show was axed after the first series and Missing Andy were forced to go it alone, taking their brand of working class, political pop across the country and into the studio. They released they début album ‘Generation Silenced’ in early 2012 with a second ,’Guerilla Invasion’, expected at the end of next month.

One track set to feature on the release is the carefree ‘Police Man’. A tale of misspent youth in nineties’ Britain, ‘Police Man’ is a track than manages to focus the cheeky chappy persona of the band into a coherent, likeable song. The track has heavy ska influences from the beginning, combining a walking bass with bouncing guitars that only cease during the faster chorus. Relaxed, upbeat and not too overworked, ‘Police Man’ is a track that evokes feelings of balmy school nights from years gone by, bicycles in the streets and balls kicked into cars, a bygone era probably lost to the masses. Alex Greaves is as listenable as ever and manages to keep the song sounding jovial yet accomplished, something he regularly does with their lighter material. With the days getting longer and the weather getting brighter, it’s the perfect time for Missing Andy to release their second album and on the basis of ‘Police Man’ and the rest of the ‘Acoustic’ EP, it’s going to be an absolute joy to listen to.

Photo: Tom Jenkinson.

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