Pear Shape – Cabin Fever

The brilliant thing about the sun slowly peaking its way through the clouds and the ice and snow gently removing itself from our pavements is that the first glimpses of summer are already here. As expected, the change in the weather has people reaching for the New Navy, Vampire Weekend and whatever other summer-laced indie pop they can get their grubby mits on. Luckily for UK indie fans the Australian summer is drawing to a close and we can now hijack any recently released summer anthems as out own and that’s what brings us to Pear Shape’s ‘Cabin Fever’.

The Sydney-based indie-pop four-piece released their self-titled debut last September and have had their latest single ‘Cabin Fever’ featured on the prestigious radio station Triple J, who plucked the track from their Unearthed segment. The EP features a mix of songs from bluesy numbers to Weezer-like garage-pop, showing just how versatile the band are. ‘Cabin Fever’ is certainly the lightest and most jovial number on the release and is perfect for getting into that summer spirit.

Punchy and bouncy from the off, the track lays out it’s intentions out early with a carefree pop backdrop with matching vocals. The verses maintain the tempo with angst ridden tales of unfulfilled dreams and motivational issues yet retain a surprisingly chirpy tone. This coupled with the infectious nature of the chorus and the impressive musicality, showcased in the instrumental, show that Pear Shape have so much to offer as a indie-pop outfit and have managed to create a fantastic recipe in regards to their song structure. The inclusion of the flamboyant brass to accompany the deep bass towards the end of the track is enough to ensure that the band remain focussed on transporting you away to that secluded beach or packed summer festival. Summer is here. Well, it’s not, but it will be …. soon.

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