Poindexter – Light Years

One brilliant thing about good music is that however bad things are getting it can always lighten your mood and sweep you away from your problems. I mean, let’s just say you’re an unemployed post-grad receiving a surprisingly diverse range of journalism based rejections and you’re too poor to drink the monotony of the situation away, music can help. This week’s help comes in the form of the wonderfully bewitching Poindexter and his seductive track ‘Light Years’.

Andrew Rodriguez aka Poindexter, is a Portland based pop-funk producer that not only brings new life to old tracks but also conjures up some magical tracks of his own. His recent ‘Forever’ EP gives us a teasing insight into the mind of a man who is surely destined for great things, a subtle blend of electro-funk beats and gentle wind-influenced tunes makes it a genuinely intriguing piece of work. The four track EP is a more than solid début in regards to his own writing and performance, and picking a stand out track isn’t the easiest job but ‘Light Years’ and ‘Helpless’ manage to go beyond highlighting his production skill and stand alone as genuine toe-tappers.

Having flipped a coin, I decided to focus on ‘Light Years’ and the fluffy warm feeling it will deliver you all. Unlike the majority of electro-pop tracks that pound away at you with glowsticks and keytars, ‘Light Years’ decides on a more subtle seduction. It opens gently with glistening beats and whistling pipes and never feels the need to up the ante, managing to use electronic harmonies and vocoders in a startlingly elegant fashion, allowing the song structure to impress without the usual gimmicks. It’s not the deepest single you will ever hear and Rodriguez’ voice won’t have you going all Adele on the way to work, but that isn’t the point. ‘Light Years’ is addictive and stylish throughout without becoming instantly repetitive and forgettable, which, for the genre, is amazingly impressive. Poindexter has managed to create a track that condenses his talents into under four minutes and if you are a funk-pop fan, an electro-pop fan or just a fan of good music and exciting talent, it should be enough to have you stand up and take notice.

Download his EP here for free.

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