Guante & Big Cats – Lightning

Big Cats’ beats and Guante’s bars are much like a marriage between two individually gorgeous people. A marriage that results in true happiness, two kids, a holiday home, no debts, no medical problems and not to mention fantastic love making. The two together are insightful, intricate and their connection and chemistry undeniable.

‘You Better Weaponize’ is the fourth release from the collaboration and is the most accomplished and polished to date. The full-length release is littered with potential hits and thought-provoking singles, heavy beats and elaborate wordplay and is a credit to both artists. Personally ‘Lightning’ stands out as the valedictorian delivering the loudest speech in a class full of incredibly gifted individuals and is the best introduction to the duo for new listeners.

Elegant and understated, the beat Big Cats uses to cradle Gaunte’s lyrics in ‘Lightning’ is humble and reflects a harmony between the political and social power in Guante’s observations and the intelligence of Cats’ musicality. The verses in the track focus largely on the impact of ones negative experiences, how the struggles and difficulties we face can serve us as powerfully as the positive ones and moulds that idea into an analogy concentrated on the energy of a lightning bolt. The suggestion is placed into the context of a society that needs to bond together and to form a connection to achieve its goals, whether or not they’ve faced previous difficulties. The weight of the content highlights how impressive the song structure is, the backdrop is never overwhelming yet never forgotten and the inclusion of Chastity Brown helps keep the two elements connected. ‘Lightning’ is the amalgamation of a breathtaking piece of poetry, a masterful composition and a unbelievable musical connection.

As there is no imbeded Soundcloud version, I thought I’d treat you all with the A Capella version as well.

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