Monthly Archives: January 2013

Guante & Big Cats – Lightning

Big Cats’ beats and Guante’s bars are much like a marriage between two individually gorgeous people. A marriage that results in true happiness, two kids, a holiday home, no debts, no medical problems and not to mention fantastic love making. The two together are insightful, intricate and their connection and chemistry undeniable. ‘You Better Weaponize’ […]

Biz Markie – Just a Friend

Today I’ve decided to show just how much of a sheep I truly am and jump aboard the ‘throwback’ express. Although I’ve uploaded a few tracks that have been fluttering about for a number of years, ‘Just a Friend’ shows me venture into the Eighties for the first time and, given that I was born […]

Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja

For me 2009 was a good year. Spent largely in student bars and in ‘dorm rooms’ quite a percentage of my time was taken up listening to new music, and somehow, one track that seemed to completely bypass me, but seemingly had been picked up by everyone else on the entire planet was Die Antwoord’s […]