Itch – Spooky Kids

Music was dealt a cruel blow earlier in the year when The King Blues announced their dispansion after nearly a decade of brilliance. Leaving behind a collection of spine-tingling tunes, including ‘I Got Love’, ‘Headbutt’ and ‘Underneath This Lampost Light’, The King Blues’ decision left their fanbase dejected, no doubt expecting fragments of the band to reassign their talent elsewhere without ever reaching the peaks of brilliance enjoyed by the alternative ska-punk band.

The past few weeks have seen the first signs of construction from the rubble with both Jamie Jazz and former frontman Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox releasing new work from their respective projects. The latter’s subtle mixtape “How To Fucking Rule At Life’ is an absolute belter, with at least three of the four tracks managing to keep the spirit of the band alive whilst focussing more on Itch’s vision of how his talent should be harnessed.

For me, the stand out track from the EP is ‘Spooky Kids’. Seemingly an ode to heavy rock fans and ‘Goth’ types, it manages to create a balanced structure from a number of varied elements. The track is a collage of musicality, from heavy drum ‘n’ bass drops, electronica licks and ska tones to raw vocals, hip-hop bars and poetic verse, ‘Spooky Kids’ is a brave concept brilliantly executed. The layered backdrop manages to hold the heated verses together without overwhelming, whilst the chorus is a dipping and swirling element which is hard to escape even hours after listening. Tight, adventurous and infectious, Itch has managed to harness his undisputed talent with ‘How To Fucking Rule At Life’ and hopefully the release sets a benchmark for future releases. Plus it’s free, making us all lucky little bastards.

Sign up for the free EP here.

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