Swiss Lips – In The Water

After spending the month partying away with fans in East London, Swiss Lips have rounded up November in style with two quality free releases in quick succession. The first ‘Carolyn’ is a melodic electro-pop number which is currently available for free via the band’s Soundcloud, the second is today’s featured track ‘In The Water’.

A subtle introduction fuelled by electro-beats and gentle drums, ‘In The Water’ begins life as an unassuming pop track, delightfully fluffy and gentile. Sam Hammond’s vocals manage to maintain the understated ambiance, only elevating in power to punch home the chorus amidst the serenity of the structure. The layered lyrics and Eighties-inspired keys help create quite an abstract canvas onto which Swiss Lips paint a captivating pop song, resulting in four minutes that remain relevant whilst holding the potential of commercial success.

The Swiss Lips regularly teeter on the border between heavy-footed dance-pop and tranquil electro-pop and with ‘In The Water’ they’ve managed to create a masterpiece of the latter, placing them in the company of Architecture In Helsinki and Metronomy amongst others. A quick listen to ‘Carolyn’ and ‘In The Water’ will alert you to the impressive diversity of the Manchester five-piece, a range many of their fans will be hoping to see when it comes to the album release in 2013.

Free Download.

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