Chromeo – When The Night Falls

Today’s track is the first to concentrate on the serious business of Canadian electrofunk. Chromeo are a delicious duo who have probably been shifting boxes of old clothes and consoles into your subconscious for the last few years via FIFA soundtracks and V05 adverts, but it’s time to embrace the invasion.

Although David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel have an entire back catalogue of infectious party anthems that will force you into a ferocious shimmy at the very least, today’s track is actually a cover originally penned by the equally brilliant Mayer Hawthorne. ‘When The Night Falls’ is a single that immediately transports you into a slightly seedy mid-eighties disco rave, one packed with latex and swimming in cologne. The song is unleashed in a cloud of synthesisers and electro-beats that set the upbeat tone immediately. Macklovitch’s endearing tones keep the track both soulful and light, managing to appear carefree rather than comedic. The blend of talk-box and fumbling synths create an authenticity in regards to the songs musical influences, there is an understanding of their chosen elements which is deeper than mere replication. The verses are as captivating as the chorus, which is a credit to both Hawthorne and Chromeo and the pace and energy of the arrangement never let up. After a second listen you will have picked up the majority of the lyrics, resulting in you squealing along like a deranged Whitney Houston, and if you don’t then there is something deeply wrong with you.

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