Meet; Louis London

Following up on yesterdays track ‘Hardly Hear You’ by Sydney-based five-piece Louis London, lead singer Ed Saloman was good enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to Slumped In A Corner about ambitions, inspirations and the Triple J Unearthed revolution.

Hi Ed, congratulations on the recent release of your EP ‘On Your Lips We Roared’ and the success garnered through ‘Hardly Hear You’, much of your exposure was through the unsigned music station Triple J Unearthed, how much help does the station give to young, unsigned talent in Australia?

A huge amount. I think if you look at all the new bands in Australia over the last few years, every single one has come through Unearthed in some way… Boy & Bear, Art vs Science, Ballpark Music etc… It’s now the standard route for bands trying to make it to the Big Leagues!

Do you think that Triple J Unearthed is a model that could improve the music scene globally?

I certainly do. However, there are downsides to Triple J Unearthed as well. At least in Australia, Triple J has somewhat of a monopoly on up-coming talent. It’s something that it seems every band seemingly has to do. That said, it is an incredibly good mechanism to get your music out there. The Unearthed radio is a good platform for young bands, and something that would benefit from its’ own, non-digital, station (if the ABC budget would allow it!). I’m sure the UK particularly would be a good space for something similar – with the Radio 1 infrastructure already in place!

Which artists career paths to you look to emulate?

Any artists who have had a long and diverse career. Radiohead have just been in Sydney and there was a band outing to see them – it’s hard not to be inspired by their diversity over the last 20 years. Other acts that spring to mind though: Beck, Bjork … (My brain isn’t working particularly well because I literally can’t think of any more bands…)

But yep, progression and evolution of a sound whilst always being distinctly recognisable is something that I reckon any band should aspire to.

What is the master plan for Louis London?

Keep playing as much as possible until the magic’s gone and we end up trying to kill each other.

Have you got any plans to tour the UK and Europe?

Absolutely! Would love to get over in the next couple of years. SXSW and CMJ would be a good start for us overseas I think but we still want to keep rolling around Australia too!

If you could play at any venue in the world where would it be?

Madison Sq Gardens.

If you could collaborate with any act in the world who would it be?

Chris Martin. The man knows how to write a pop song and I’d want to pick his brain… That may be quite an uncool thing to say…

And finally, What are Louis London listening to at the moment?

I know Karl’s been doing some homework on all the acts at Harvest Fest so: Beck, Sigur Ros, Winter People…

I’m listening to a lot of Anna Calvi and Seekae at the mo….

Louis London’s EP ‘On Your Lips We Roared’ is available through iTunes now and previous singles ‘Hardly Hear You’ and ‘Old LA’ are still available through the Unearthed website.

Photography: Ted O’Donnell.

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