Louis London – Hardly Hear You

For all of you loyal followers who have read more than one of my posts, you will know that I am a big fan of the Triple J Unearthed model in Australian music, a radio station dedicated to unsigned bands which gives them the mainstream opportunities experienced by more establish acts. I have featured a number of Unearthed acts on SIAC in 2012, including Castlecomer, Chance Waters and Benny and the Dukes, and fortunately the production line of talent hasn’t ceased yet and Louis London are the latest band to use the unique process to promote their energetic brand of Indie-pop.

Although I could easily select any of their three featured tracks, all of which carry the maturity and professionalism needed in the highest echelons of the business, the stand-out effort from the Sydney quintet is the irresistible ‘Hardly Hear You’. The track crashes and thrashes into life, welding rickety drums and a deep bass together to form a lively framework for the smoky and smooth vocals. Simplistic guitars aid the verses but manage not to crowd the clarity and freedom of the song, they play more of a role when supporting the contagious chorus which fills the void in-between the verses and their impressive lyricism. The tones of Ed Saloman are reminiscent of Buckley and Nutini et al, combining an earthiness and funk that calls for clicked fingers and contorted groove faces. In addition there is a bohemian freedom in his approach that gives the track an injection of rebellion which encapsulates the floor-filling Indie movement of the last decade. There are certainly characteristics of the band which have proved massively popular for other acts within recent times and mainstream success may be dependent on whether their particular concoction of attributes is popular with the man on the street. Personally I love the blend and believe that the structure and depth of their music, along with the impressive musicality and distinctive sound stand Louis London in good stead when it comes to future success.

Download the track legally here

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