Joey Bada$$ – World Domination

Having featured on Mac Miller’s ‘America’, Joey Badass is not a complete unknown in regards to the American hip-hop scene and thankfully for us his tight cameo on a track, that has received over two million Youtube views, has forced his solo work to the surface. 2012 saw the release of two Badass mixtapes (that being his name and not a sudden style change), the first of which ‘1999’ contained a number of track that feature the production value, likeability and swagger of more experienced peers.

The stand-out track from an impressive debut release is the coming-of-age ‘World Domination’, a track which unsurprisingly, considering his contemporaries, touches on drugs, college and self-reflection from Badass. A delectable Forties’ swing sample is used throughout and with the help of a shuffling beat sets a perfect ambiance for the relaxed track and it’s leisurely verses. Reminiscent of Sonny Shotz and Sol, Joey Badass has the combination of confidence, melodious tones and tight lyrics that could see his star rise further in 2013. It never hurts to have friends in high places and Joey Badass’ mixture of connections and competence could see the Brooklyn MC rise straight to the top. Watch this space.

‘1999’ Mixtape download. Free , legal and fast (Although not actually that fast).

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