Matt & Kim – I Said

A distinct lack of employment coupled with the death of any remaining dreams and ambitions has resulted in a significant post reduction of late, but thankfully for both my productivity and the world of electro-pop, Matt & Kim have released their new album like a beautiful dove into a somewhat cloudy sky.

Much like previous Matt & Kim releases, ‘Lightning’ produces an exciting blend of frantic drums, electro beats and restless vocals without really altering in genre or tempo. Luckily for fans of the New York duo, amongst the somewhat contrived collection of energetic tracks sit some singles worthy of more than gentle toe-tapping, including ‘I Said’.

The lumbering intro caricatures the entire piece with it’s beat heavy elements and stammering synths, a construction which also provide the backdrop for the filthy chorus, one in which the sumptuous musicality of the segment enjoys its untethered freedom, ignoring the benign lyrics masquerading as the selling point. Matt Johnson’s energetic tones carry the verses which act more as a bridge for the poignant drop than containing any meaningful content, but as with many of the duo’s best tracks, the contagiousness of their musical package coupled with the energy of their approach means that ‘I Said’ delivers more than enough without witty lines or meaningful discourse.

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