Everything Everything – Cough Cough

Any of you that were major fans of the 2010 Everything Everything release ‘Man Alive’ will be happy to hear that the first single from next years ‘Arc’ album contains all the lyrical genius, shuddering drums and frantic backdrops of their first. ‘Cough Cough’ is a devious, delicious pop track from some of the most obscure minds in British indie music, one that thunders it’s way from beginning to end without letting-up.

After opening with a thumping introduction reminiscent of tribal chant, the song slows; combining dipping drums, audial stalls and angelic harmonies to balance the breakneck vocals with the drum enthused, electro back beat. A somewhat Jekyll and Hyde track, ‘cough cough’ has moments of complete peace, moments that drift in and out of an otherwise intense and exhilarating musical experience. The single appears to have taken all of the addictive elements of their first full length release and added an accomplished maturity, one which transforms fleeting brilliance into sustained elegance and genius. If ‘cough cough’ is anything to go by, 2013 will mark the release of one of British indie’s finest ever albums, here’s hoping.

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