Bluejuice – Vitriol

Earlier today I experienced the genuinely horrifying experience of listening to Frankmusik’s second studio album, an album so shallow and sickening that for a good couple of hours I muted everything in sight and devoted my life to solitude and silence. As with most resolutions, the silence passed within minutes. However the emptiness created by the masterfully titled ‘Do it in the AM’ remained, forcing me dig out some of my own favourite, life-affirming tracks to stop me from taking my copy of ‘Complete Me’ and slashing it across my throat and thus making myself the second victim of Frankmusik after the electro-pop genre that he so violently mutilated whilst catapulting himself to number 178 in the album charts.

Aaaaanyway the relevance of that sunny story is that today’s TOTD is possibly my favourite song of all time, the one tune that never gets old to me and constantly reminds me how powerful and elating music can be.

Bluejuice are an Ozzie band that have produced some absolutely breathtaking tracks; ‘Broken Leg’, ‘Head of the Hawk’ and ‘On My Own’ to name a couple, but ‘Vitriol’ is a bona fide toe-tapper that is catchier than chlamydia. Built on a bed of frantic drum beats and funky organ notes, the raucous single pumps out a brand of punchy pop that maintains energy and pace throughout, making it instantly uplifting. The reckless, untethered nature of the song makes the considered lines feel unprepared and exciting, as a listener you are let into an experience and expression of energy, one that you carry with you beyond the two and a half minute track, one that reassures you that music is one of life’s most powerful mediums and more importantly, one that helps you forget that Frankmusik ever recorded a second album.

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