Sod in the Seed – WHY?

Something a little bit ‘out there’ for today’s TOTD, WHY? have been churning our weird and wonderful tunes for over a decade and in amongst the somewhat unsettling tangle of poetry and horror sit some genuinely incredible tracks. Their recent (free) EP is no different to the usual concoction of confusion and maverick and is personified by the breathtaking track ‘Sod in the Seed’, which, for WHY?, is actually quite coordinated.

The song plunges from a mystical start straight into the demonic, energetic verse which is a somewhat self-disparaging analysis of the third world problems Josiah Wolf encounters in his semi-successful life. Wolf’s delivery is lost in the space between rant and rap which serves the beat poetically, being broken only by the tinkling and thoughtful chorus which flickers throughout. The backdrop is racing yet understated keeping the necessary tempo without impeding the context of the song, whilst xylophonic breaks serve to maintain the style and mysticism of WHY? The track’s lyrics stand alone as a mesmeric piece of poetry that is only enhanced by the moulding and sculpting of it into nearly five minutes of raucous electro-rap, which is nowhere near as cheesy and Eighties as it sounds.

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