Henry Bowers – TV Overdose

For anybody keen on the world rap battle scene Henry Bowers will not be a new name, the Swede travels the globe performing in international leagues like King of the Dot and Don’t Flop delivering bars and rebuttals with a depth and quality that more often then not floors his opponents. Like many  battlers, Bowers writes and produces his own tracks that are often overlooked by fans that follow his free-styling, partially due to the mixed quality of said tracks and partially due to the dissociation that full length tracks have to the immediate, unpredictable world of battling. Luckily for us, Henry Bowers is one artist whose consistency and dedication carries through his battles and into his music, ‘TV Overdose’ is a prime example of how he has managed to breed the two styles to create one gorgeous little melodic child.
A wonderfully disjointed track ‘TV OD’ bursts into life within seconds, delivering heavy beats and accomplished verse from the off. The backdrop flutters and stutters juxtaposed against Bowers’ tight, witty bars that are flooded with clever references and complex styles. The insertion of a contagious chorus helps support the songs’ structure and gives the listener a breather amongst the lyrical intensity, a space needed to consider the delicacy of previous references. ‘TV OD’ is a single that pulsates throughout and stands as an example of how one musical fraternity can transcend into a more mainstream role, bringing with it intricacies and techniques that have been lost in a cloud of novelty, sugary ‘rap’.

Bowers in King Of The Dot

Bowers in Dont Flop

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