Nneka – Heartbeat (Chase & Status We Just Bought a Guitar Remix)

In the murky world of remixes there are many masterpieces scattered amongst the questionable beats of bedroom djs. Chase and Status are one of the biggest names in drum and bass at the moment, and with everything they produce earning rave reviews I felt it was time to feature some of their brilliance. Nneka’s ‘heartbeat’ is a stand-alone masterpiece, it combines styles, it merges genre and it keep you shape-shifting for three minutes solid, but combine it with the remastering skills of the London duo and you have yourselves a musical Christmas Day.

The track itself begins with tickling keys and a muted backdrop, but as the vocals build, Chase and Status’ beats awaken from their slumber and build with the flickering intro until it drops like a parachute-less skydiver. The lumbering beats hug the chorus tightly as it stutters and flickers towards each electronic plummet which in-turn are fitted with swirling notes and unforgiving drums. The framework of the remix highlights Nneka’s incredible vocals and changes the tone of the track from a feel-good reggae influenced song into a dubstep beast, completely distinguishing itself from the original. If you could encapsulate the perfect mood-setter for a massive night out and mangle it into audio format, Chase and Status’ ‘We Just Bought a Guitar’ remix of Nneka’s ‘Heartbeat’ wouldn’t be far off.

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