Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

As an internet music blogger, I am fully aware that the words Radio 1 are dirty and unforgivable. I know that featuring a track that has been highlighted and praised by the mass media will have me blacklisted by hipsters and alienated by peers, but ‘Little Talks’ is that good a track that I am more than willing to be a naughty little bastard and have it as my ‘Track of the Day’ regardless of any internet faux pas or blogging rule breaks.

As far as Icelandic indie/folk bands go, Of Monsters and Men are definitely in my top 17, the unorthodox six-piece manage to combine horns, glockenspiels, melodicas and accordions to create rousing, emotive tracks that are as addictive as crispy bacon flavoured Wheat Crunches, which on a scale of naught to bloody addictive, is bloody addictive. The track ‘Little Talks’ begins in a folksy explosion which gently subsides and reappears in a tide-like fashion throughout the four minutes, interspersed with fragile verses and mesmeric harmonies. As with much indie/folk the power of ‘Little Talks’ is in the joyous atmosphere created by the piece, and ‘Little Talks’ delivers an ambience which maintains a relevance to reflective listening as well as full on Hoedown mode. With success throughout Europe and even in the US, the future is looking incredibly bright for ‘Of Monsters and Men’ and let’s hope that the mainstream moves further towards such talent, then eventually I might not break any rules at all.

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