Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight

Today I’m going to be a mainstream pop whore, because I can. Hot Chelle Rae drove their illuminous pop truck through the front doors of America’s musical petrol station last year after scoring a couple of platinum singles and a top 50 album. One of their summer hits was the contagious ‘Tonight Tonight’ which I have to say is one of the most infectious singles in recent years, and lucky enough for the UK their tracks have started to wash up on British shores. Much like recent pop sensations Metro Station and Fall Out Boy, Hot Chelle Rae produce bouncy, melodic and sugary music with full intent to worm their way into your brain where they will station themselves in an odd twist on the sit-in protest, refusing to remove their beats and rhymes unless you purchase more of their crack-like pop-rock. Well sadly, they have me hooked and in my state of Stockholm syndrome I insist you nod along to their somewhat narrowrepertoire and just enjoy them for what they are. The song itself mixes sing-along backing vocals, bounding electronic keys and fun-loving lyrics to make a more than bearable summer party track. Ryan Follese’s voice is light and endearing, much like the band themselves and the simple song construction fitted with an electro foundation completes the clean sweep of soft, enjoyable pop.

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